• Nicotiana rustica ‘Ancient’ 200+ SEEDS

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    Nicotiana rustica 'Ancient'

    Solanaceae: This is another interesting species of N. rustica from Sacred Succulents, but this one comes with an interesting bit of history, the following is taken from the item description from the Sacred Succulents website: This seed came to us from a friend who received it as a very special wedding gift. The seed was discovered in a 1000 year old urn at an archaeological dig on Vancouver Island. An amazing relic, it has proven highly viable, we grew out robust plants to 3′. This is the first generation seed from this ancient sacred tobacco.

    This is a monster, massive crinkled leaves, and it has the biggest flowers that I have seen on a rustica, which give way to large round seed pods, plants grow between 4 – 5 feet in height, and need to be staked to keep them from falling over, they need lots of water if you want them to grow big, a fantastic and historic alternative to the common generic N. rustica that’s offered on the net, this plant has great genetics, its great fun to grow, and it’s very easy to from seed.



    Surface sow seeds, keep moist and protect from, frost, slugs, and strong winds and don’t let the dry out, very easy.


    HARVESTED: 2020

    APPROX. 200+ SEEDS