• Papaver somniferum 'Afghan White' 200 SEEDS

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    Papaver somniferum 

    'Afghan White'

    Fantastic genuine Afghan poppy, that needs to be sown early if you want large plants, fast to germinate and to flower, strong stocky plants to 3-4 feet, large pure white flowers, one flower per plant, so pack them in tight. Flowers are followed by large fat barrel shaped pods, with a high yield, a top quality poppy, white seeds. One of my favourites. 

    NOTE: Seeds need to be sown early to do well, as they will bolt if sown too late in the summer.

    HARVESTED: 2023*


    [Know your poppies: Don’t get ripped off by people selling cheap seed as genuine Afghan and Indian strain poppies. Danish flag are not Afghan poppies, they are multi podded and have small round pods. Genuine Afghan poppies are one flower per plant and have large barrel shaped pods. Genuine Afghan seeds ranges from red/orange. Light brown and most commonly white. Not grey or blue grey!]