• Papaver somniferum ssp. Setigerum ‘Wild Opium Poppy’ [Ex. Psilo Dendro, Cyprus] 200+ SEEDS

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    Papaver setigerum 'Poppy of Troy'

    (Syn. Papaver somniferum ssp. Setigerum)

    [Ex. Psilo Dendro, Cyprus]

    Papaveraceae: a fast going annual to 20-80cm. Found waste ground, pastures and fields. Showy flowers, which are rosy-red to pale pink. with a dark purple blotch at the base. The fruits are glabrous capsules 2-3cm long. Blooming from May-July. The leaves are silvery-glaucous, and deeply lobed and toothed. Native to the Mediterranean region, especially in southwestern Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece) and in North Africa.



    Surface sow seeds in spring, on well-drained, weed free soil, in full sun. will self-sow, but soil will need to be disturb annually. Easy!

    Attractive to bees.

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    APPROX. 200+ SEEDS