• Papaver somniferum 'BRITISH PHARM. #1' [Ex. Oxfordshire, England] 200 SEEDS

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    'BRITISH PHARM. #1 [PURE*]' 

    [Ex. Oxfordshire, England]

    This is a pharmaceutical strain picked from a field in Oxfordshire.

    Fast  to germinate, Uniformly growing around 4ft tall. one of the quickest to flower that I have grown, only a single flower per plant, growth and flowers very slimier to that of the Taz poppies, neat serrated leaves, and smooth large frosted egg shaped pods. Seeds originally collected from pods from a field in Oxfordshire by a friend, back in 2011, sadly most of the seeds in the pods were a little undeveloped and failed to germinate, but I did manage to grow three plants in 2012 and save some viable seed, so I was able to grow a nice amount this year.

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