• Hyoscyamus aureus 'Golden Henbane' [Ex. Old City Walls, Rhodos, Rhodes, Greece] 50+ SEEDS

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    Hyoscyamus aureus 

    'Golden Henbane'

    [Ex. Old City Walls, Rhodos, Rhodes, Greece] 

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    Solanaceae: a biannual or short lived perennial to 60cm. found on cliffs, old walls and ruins. The flowers are bright yellow corolla, with deep purple throat, blooming from March-September. The fruit capsules, up to 13mm long. Native to Eastern Mediterranean to Israel, stonewalls, woodlands, scrubland’s and deserts, montane vegetation of Mt. Hermon.



    The whole plant is analgesic. Caution all henbane are poisonous.



    Surface sow seeds, keep most, warm and in full sunlight. And seeds should germinate in a few days, very easy. Grow on in a warm, sunny, and well-drained site. As for H. muticus, it will suffer with high humidity.


    HARVESTED: 2019