• Datura discolor ‘Sacred Datura’ [Ex. Colorado Desert, California] 30 SEEDS

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    Datura discolor 

    'Sacred Datura'

    [Ex. Colorado Desert, California]

    Solanaceae: Upright annual to 4ft, sweet scented night flowering, white 4 - 6" trumpets, flushed purple or indigo in the throat. Followed by thorny, pendulous pods, that contain numerous small black seeds. Greyish-green foliage, much like that of Datura innoxia. A relatively rare thorn apple species that extends across the American Southwest and northern Mexico.



    The Seri Indians of northern Mexico drink a tea made from the seeds to treat a swollen throat. The ethnomedical use is like that of Datura innoxia.

    According to the mythology of the Seri Indians, Datura discolor was one of the first plants of creation, as a result, humans should avoid contact with the plant. Because inappropriate use can be very dangerous, the plant is used only by shamans. In the American Southwest, the ritual use of this species is like that of Datura innoxia.



    Seeds have already been primed with Gibberellic acid [GA3], germinates in 1 - 6 weeks at 20 °C. Easily grown in moist compost in a warm sunny spot, not frost hardy. Easy!


    HARVESTED: 2020