• Nicotiana quadrivalvis BK10911.1 ‘Indian Tobacco’ 100+ SEEDS


    Nicotiana quadrivalvis BK10911.1 

    'Indian Tobacco'

    Solanaceae.: Annual species 3–6′+ tall, hardy to zone 9, lanceolate leaves that give off a pungent tobacco smell, 1.5″ tubular white flowers, native to western United States.

    This seed was originally collected from plants growing along a creek bed, hills east of Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co. 


    The main native tobacco that was once widely cultivated by numerous tribes, but has become scarce in recent times. For medicinal and religious purposes the leaves were smoked or chewed with lime made from burnt shells. 


    Surface sow seeds, keep most and protected from slugs, not very frost hardy.

    HARVESTED: 2022

    APPROX. 100+ SEEDS