• Papaver somniferum 'Kykeon Indian White' 200 SEEDS


    Papaver somniferum 

    'Kykeon Indian White'

    Papaveraceae: This poppy came from the same source as the Indian white ‘Raja’. The seeds of this poppy have been sitting in a bag since 2010, simply marked, ‘Gift’, and are probably ‘Raja’, but because they had no name I have claimed them as my own. Pure white flowers, that are mostly frilly, and only one flower per plant, these are followed by barrel shaped pods.

    Like all Indian poppies that I have grown, they never grow very large for me, the tallest this year has only reached 12”. Indian whites need to be sown in late summer/autumn, and need a mild winter to slowly establish its self before spring. Good plants are said to reach 3-4ft in height, and are always the earliest P. somniferum to flower.

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    HARVESTED: 2022*


    [Know your poppies: Don’t get ripped off by people selling cheap seed as genuine Afghan and Indian strain poppies. Danish flag are not Afghan poppies, they are multi podded and have small round pods. Genuine Afghan poppies are one flower per plant and have large barrel shaped pods. Genuine Afghan seeds ranges from red/orange. Light brown and most commonly white. Not grey or blue grey!]