• Papaver somniferum 'Kykeon Afghan #2' 200 SEEDS

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    Papaver somniferum

    'Kykeon Afghan #2'

    Another one of my selections, very similar to my Kykeon Afghan #1, but with a few differences. It will do better with unpredictable British spring and summers. Plants flower a lot sooner, grow a little shorter, and the seeds pods are barrel shaped.

    The flowers are classic pink and white, though they still need a little selecting with the colour shades, I still haven’t decided on pale pink or dark pink, also you may find a few pure white flowers in the mix, this also leaves a little room for you select the colours you like. Seeds sown in March will produce plants 2ft or more and start flowering around the middle of June here for me.
    Happy growing.

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    HARVESTED: 2022*


    [Know your poppies: Don’t get ripped off by people selling cheap seed as genuine Afghan and Indian strain poppies. Danish flag are not Afghan poppies, they are multi podded and have small round pods. Genuine Afghan poppies are one flower per plant and have large barrel shaped pods. Genuine Afghan seeds ranges from red/orange. Light brown and most commonly white. Not grey or blue grey!]