• Papaver somniferum 'Izmir Tasmanian Special' 200 SEEDS


    Papaver somniferum 

    'Izmir Tasmanian Special'

    This is the Izmir special bought from the now defunct Izmir Farm in Canada, allegedly imported straight from a poppy farm in Tasmania, out of all the Tasmanian poppies I have grown to date, this one seems in be one of the most genuine, this is without a doubt a supra pharmaceutical poppy, plants grow to around 6 feet and produce a light pink to almost white flower in about 60 days from germination. Each plant will only produce one to three gigantic ribbed oval pods; some of the pods are almost completely black in colour.

    NOTE: I had to buy these in, and the pods or a slightly different shape.

    Due to issues with PayPal, if you are purchasing poppy seeds can you please use card payment or cash. Thank you.

    HARVESTED: 2022*