• Ornithogalum pyrenaicum 'Bath Asparagus' [Ex. Somerset, England] 50+ SEEDS

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    Ornithogalum pyrenaicum 

    'Bath Asparagus'

    [Ex. Somerset, England]

    Liliaceae: an upright bulbous perennial to 80cm. found in scrub and open woodland. The flowers are 2cm across, greenish white, in tall, drooping spikes, blooming from May-July. The leaves are grey-green, narrow, basal, these soon wither. Rare and very local, mainly from Bath east along the M4 corridor. Native to Southern Europe.



    The young shoots can be cooked, also the young, unexpanded flowering shoots are cooked and served like asparagus.

    In the past Spiked Star of Bethlehem was grown commercially and sold in Bath market as the young unopened flower shoots can be eaten in the same way as asparagus, hence the local name.



    It is probably best to sow Ornithogalum pyrenaicum in the autumn. If sown in situ plants take about five years to flower. If sowing in pots leave the seedlings undisturbed for the first two years with maybe the occasional feed with a liquid fertilizer. At the end of the second year divide the bulbs and add two or three in each pot and leave to grow for another year before planting out in the open.

    An easily grown plant, succeeding in ordinary garden soil, thriving in sun or shade. Succeeds in dry soils and, once established, is drought tolerant.

    HARVESTED: 2022*