• Nicotiana trigonophylla 'Desert Tobacco' 100 SEEDS

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    Nicotiana trigonophylla

    'Desert Tobacco'

    Solanaceae: a woody perennial herb growing up to 80cm. Found in gravelly-sandy washes and river edges. The funnel-shaped flower is white or green-tinged, its tubular throat up to 2.6cm. Blooming from March-November. The leaves have blades up to 10cm long, the lower ones borne on short petioles, the upper ones smaller and clasping the stem. Native to the southwestern United States, (from California to Utah to Texas) and Mexico.



    Desert tobacco is used by the Indians of the southwest, the Tarahumara call it bawaraka or wipake and use it as an analgesic, it is also known as tabaco del coyote, 'tobacco of the coyote.' The Seri Indians of northern Mexico call this wild tobacco species hapis casa, 'that which is smoked, rots,' and believe that the plant has magical powers. The small, narrow leaves were apparently ritually collected and then slowly dried. The effects are said to be very strong.



    Surface sow seeds in a warm greenhouse in spring, seed usually germinates in 10 - 20 days at 20°c. Keep the soil moist and keep in a bright place.


    HARVESTED: 2010