• Hyoscyamus albus 'White Henbane' [Ex. Kato Gouves, Crete, Greece] 100+ SEEDS


    Hyoscyamus albus 'White Henbane'

    [Ex. Kato Gouves, Crete, Greece]

    Solanaceae: growing to a height of about 40 or 50 cm (19”), the plant grows vertically, although it often appears bushy because of its woolly light green stems, serrated leaves, calyxes and fruits. The flowers on this form are yellow without the contrasting black centres. The seeds are usually white or ochre, but are sometimes grey, and the berries are orange or yellow. The plant thrives in coastal areas; it is found primarily in southern Europe (Spain, Italy and Greece) and in the Near East.


    White henbane holds a special place as the most commonly used magical and medicinal plant of European antiquity. It was mostly referred to as white henbane in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries before it became known as yellow henbane in the modern era.


    Grown as an annual in cold areas are as a sort lived perennial in mild areas, Sow early spring indoors. Pot up the seedlings into individual pots as soon as the first true leaf appears and plant them out after the last expected frosts. Very easy to grow.


    WARNING: The whole plant is very poisonous and is particularly dangerous for children!


    HARVESTED: 2022

    APPROX. 100+ SEEDS