• Nicandra physaloides ‘Shoo Fly’ 100+ SEEDS


    Nicandra physaloides 'Shoo Fly'

    [Syn. Nicandra physalodes]

    Solanaceae: annual growing to 1.2 m (4ft), hardy to zone 8. bell-shaped flowers that are most commonly pale blue and white bloom from July to September, these are followed by cherry-like, green-brown berries are encased within green or black-mottled calyces, branches of the mature Chinese lantern-style fruits can be dried and used for winter decoration. Native to South America – Peru, introduced and casual in Britain.


    Medical the plant is used are a diuretic, also the seeds are used in Tibetan medicine, they are said to have an acrid taste and a cooling, very poisonous potency. Analgesic, anthelmintic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and febrifuge, regular use increases bodily vigour. They are used in the treatment of contagious disorders, toothache, intestinal pain from worms and impotence. A decoction of the seeds is used in the treatment of fevers.

    The plant is thought to repel flies, in particular white fly.


    Sow seeds in situ in late spring, preferably after the last expected frosts, young seedlings can be early transplanted. It is said that the seed can remain dormant and be stored for several decades, easy from seed.

    HARVESTED: 2018


    Approx. 100 SEEDS