• Datura stramonium 'La Fleur Lilac' SEEDS

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    Datura stramonium

    'La Fleur Lilac'

    [Sym. Datura stramonium var. tatula]

    Solanaceae: highly scented, lilac flowers on interesting, stout plants. Seed pods are very spectacular, giving rise to one of its common names, Thornapple. Provides a lovely scent on balmy summer nights, giving rise to one of its common names, Moon Flower. Height up to 4 feet. Provide a warm and sunny position, prefers well drained soil and is very drought tolerant once established.


    Sow the seed in individual pots in early spring in a greenhouse, put 3 or 4 seeds in each pot and thin if necessary to the best plant. The seed usually germinates in 3 - 6 weeks at 15°c. GA3 will help. Easy.