• Cirsium oleraceum 'Cabbage Thistle' 50+ SEEDS


    Cirsium oleraceum 

    'Cabbage Thistle'

    Asteraceae/Compositae: an herbaceous perennial plant growing to 1.5m tall, the stems unbranched or with only a very few branches. Found in marshes, fens, streamside’s and wet woods. The flowers are produced in dense flower heads which are 2.5-4cm diameter, pale yellow, but sometimes tinged pink. The leaves are broad and ovoid, with a weakly spiny margin. Native to central and eastern Europe and Asia. Naturalised in Britain.



    The young leaves and root can be cooked and used as a vegetable. Harvested before the plant flowers, it was formerly used as a table vegetable.



    Sow seeds in early spring or autumn in situ. Germination usually takes place within 2-8 weeks at 20°C. An easily grown plant, succeeding in any ordinary garden soil in a sunny position. Plants avoid acid soils in the wild. A good bee and butterfly plant.


    HARVESTED: 2023