• Nicotiana rustica ‘Punche’ 300+ SEEDS

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    Nicotiana rustica ‘Punche’

    One of the earliest maturing varieties of Rustica at just 35 days, only growing to about 2ft, It is a good choice for growers with a very short season or as a late season crop. It can be planted out earlier than many other tobaccos and mature plants are frost tolerant. It is mild to smoke but has high nicotine content.


    Nicotiana seeds will usually germinate within 10 days. Seeds will normally only germinate with light so surface sow. Sow Nicotiana seeds on the surface of a well-drained seed sowing mix at between 15°C - 22°C. Grows happily in 1.5ltr pots.


    HARVESTED: 2017

    APPROX. 300+ SEEDS