• Nicotiana langsdorffii ‘Huichol Tobacco’ 1000+ SEEDS

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    Nicotiana langsdorffii 

    'Huichol Tobacco'

    Solanaceae: Height: 90-150cm (3-5ft); A beautiful wild annual tobacco originating from Chile and Brazil, where it is utilized as a potent ceremonial tobacco, tall branching stems and drooping sprays of apple green bells, very exotic looking, yet very easy to grow, Ideal for the back of the border or as a 'dot' plant among smaller bedding plants, an absolute must for the flower arranger too.



    'Surface sow seeds, keep most, protect from strong winds and frost, give them plenty growing space.' This species along with Nicotiana rustica will happy self-seed itself around the garden. Frost tender.


    APPROX. 1000+ SEEDS